Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too Much Of A Good Thing

  • Jaze winned! Doc pitched a compleat game!

  • He also set a personal record for strikeouts in a game with 14, but it was completely insane having him start the 8th, let alone the 9th.

  • Do yu hate Doc? Why can he not has a personal milestone?

  • When has Doc seemed like a guy who cares about personal accomplishments more than the team winning? And if he gets hurt because he threw 133 pitches, that hurts the team's chances of winning, no matter what personal milestone he set.

  • But da bullpen blowed da last 2 gamez Doc started.

  • On Friday and Saturday, League and Downs were dominant in the last two innings, and with the loss on Sunday and the off day Monday they were well rested. Doesn't it send a bad message to the rest of the team if the ace trusts his own teammates so little that he has to risk injury or ineffectiveness to close out a game himself when he struggled in the 7th? Is Casey Janssen supposed to feel good about League and Downs pitching in his start when Doc doesn't?

  • So ur mad at Doc?

  • Mostly I'm mad at Cito. Of course Doc is going to say he wants to stay in, but it's Cito's job to protect the team's investment in its players and its chances of winning in the future.

  • He keeps hiz players in so they feel confident an play better later.

  • After winning a Cy Young award I hope Doc doesn't need to pitch the 8th and 9th after a rough 7th to feel confident as a pitcher. Anwyays, confidence isn't worth much if your arm falls off.

  • Nao hooz being melodramatic?


arcImpulse said...

...why can Archie always has the frist word? Gentlemanly tradition (felines first) or personal preference?

(Captcha: "lostsaur". Rather apropos for Land of the Lost opening on Friday, perhaps... never knew that blogger's captcha can be that... zeitgeisty).

Torgen said...

Archie is always waiting for me by the door to discuss the game when I get home from work. If I wanted the first word I'd have to sneak into the house somehow.