Saturday, June 6, 2009

Please don't let the rest of the AL East do that to you, Zack Greinke

  • Jaze beeted Greinke! An Romero wuz pretty gret, aktually.

  • Two encouraging signs--the ability to put a bunch of runs on the board against a pretty good pitcher, and Romero looking like he did in his first three starts.

  • Dat makes up for losing yesterday.

  • Not really--I mean, we could have won yesterday and still won today. In the sense that it makes a 6-3 homestand possible again, you're right, but we should really be aiming higher than that.

  • An Scutaro an Rios didnt need a day off after all.

  • Rios' 1 for 4 with an RBI double isn't that kind of breakout performance that makes me think that everything that was wrong is better, but a bad day at the plate and a worse night, it has to be a boost to help the team. And Scutaro's three doubles in his first three at-bats really set up the whole game.

  • Hill still needz a day off tho.

  • Yeah, when you get to 0 for 25, that's mental health day territory.

  • Do yu fink Romero wuda got sent down if he hadnt pitched gud?

  • I don't think so--Purcey is still walking too many, and the other real candidate for getting called up is Fabio Castro. He started tonight, so if they had called him up he could have taken Romero's spot in the rotation immediately. His line: 3 innings, 1 hit, 3 walks, no strikeouts, no runs. His walk/strikeout ratio isn't great, but his WHIP is a tremendous 1.07 and he's only given up one homer in 46 innings pitching in a hitter's league. All that said, he hadn't pitched in AAA until this year, and if they have to pull him after three innings and 58 pitches in a scoreless one-hitter then I don't see how he's going to go deep into major league games.

  • Romero wuznt going deep into games eethur, and he wuz pulled after 90 pitches tonite.

  • 3 runs over 7 innings is great, and needing only 90 pitches to go 7 innings is great--I'm sure there's a lot of teams who would love a young guy who can do that. Maybe getting the early hook in his last few starts meant he was tiring sooner than he normally would and that's why he gave up the homers, or maybe they wanted to get innings for some guys who hadn't pitched because of the back to back losses, but I don't see what there is to complain about in this start. And getting back to that point, when their whole strategy with Romero was getting him to trust his stuff, sending him to the minors--and in so doing telling him that the team doesn't trust his stuff--would undo some of the work they'd been doing.

  • I hope hez di gud agenst Texus.

  • It'll be a test--that lineup is a whole lot better than Kansas City's.

  • But for nao, Ize lookin forward to da sweep.

  • I didn't think you looked forward to anything but getting fed.

  • Hey, dats cold.

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