Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meatloaf was wrong

  • Jaze winned wun, an den losed wun.

  • Tallet settled down nicely after some early trouble on Saturday.

  • Tu bad Romero kudnt on Sunday. Uv kors da bats didnt help.

  • Last time we faced Lester he got a favourable strike zone, as shown by The Mockingbird. I think it happened again. (Edit: It did.)

  • Bullpen wuz gud Friday an Saturday, but was not so gret on Sunday, aktualy.

  • As we discussed, there were some moves that should have been made, and they weren't. Wolfe came in to face a bunch of righties again, and got shelled. At least he didn't give up a lead, but it would have been nice to keep it close. Over a period of 9 right handed batters, Wolfe gave up two singles, a homer, a double, a bunt, two more homers, and another double. That's not getting it done.

  • At leest da Jaze proofed they cud win a sereez agenst Boston wifout Halladay.

  • Who did they need to prove it to? ESPN? Certainly it was important to win the series, but proving they could has no value--if anything it has negative value, because they'll less likely to be underestimated.

  • Ur shur suckin the fun out uv a series win.

  • Going into the series, sure you could say it would be great to get a series win, but once they won the first two it became a one game series, and they lost it.

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