Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scenery and Fish

  • Getting swept sux.

  • Losing Doc, even for a week, sucks more.

  • Teh 2 r related.

  • Sure, if Doc had stayed in there was a chance he would have gone 8 or 9 innings, but if he'd only gone 7, League probably would have pitched the 8th. He probably wouldn't have given up 5 runs, but as wild as he was, I doubt he would have held a lead.

  • Dey almost staged a comebak in game 2.

  • It would have been the biggest comeback of the year, but it fell short. Of course the failed steal of third didn't help.

  • Rios had bin on a roll steeling.

  • Yes, but there were two things wrong with that steal. First, Bautista strikes out or walks 42% of the time. That's not enough contact to justify the risk of stealing third, especially when he hits 24% line drives when he does make contact. He has a BABIP of over .360. If he puts the ball in play, it's likely enough to be a hit that it isn't worth the risk. Second, Bautista got out of the way of Baker's throw to third. The batter has the right to the batter's box. Bautista should have made Baker go around him. Considering how close a play it turned out to be, Rios might have been safe. For that matter, maybe the throw would have gone into left field and Rios would have scored without contact.

  • Dey had anuther chans to tie it in the 9th, but Wells striked owt.

  • Don't forget that Aaron Hill popped up the first pitch.

  • Dat lineup shuffl was not so gret aktualy.

  • It worked out pretty good for Rios, but he wasn't the problem. A lot of scorn goes Vernon's way, but for this series, you can't just ignore that Lind went 0 for 12 in the cleanup spot where everyone wanted him.

  • An Tallet wuz also not so gret on Sunday.

  • He's had 7 great and one bad start between his disasters. That's a pretty good rate.

  • Anyweyz, deres nobody to replace him wif.

  • I don't think Tallet is at the top of the list of starters who might need to be replaced, but that's true.

  • After gettun swept by a bad teem deyz playin a gud teem.

  • In the past the complaint about this team was that they played poorly against weak teams and well against strong ones. Maybe that will be the case again. Anyways, the last time they had a losing streak the off-day was just what they needed.

  • The last taim dey had plade 20 strate days, nawt 4.

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