Monday, June 8, 2009

Saving the homestand

  • Doc wuz ossum.

  • It was also nice that the bats showed up early to support him, but when you give up 7 singles and no walks you don't need that much run support.

  • An Hill finly got a hit, an it wuz a homed run.

  • He also drew only his second walk during his 0-for-25 slump, which is easy not to notice in a world that cares more about batting average than OBP.

  • Jaze didnt do much after da third, tho.

  • It is alarming when they shut it down after a few innings, even when they have the lead and Doc is on the mound. Also, none of our runes came on hits with RISP.

  • Even if Davies wuz throwin gud, it wuz excessiv to have him go the whole game.

  • We thought it was stupid when Halladay threw 133 in his previous start, and Davies is no Halladay.

  • Dis week will be tuff. Jaze is in Texis wifout Doc.

  • And the Red Sox and Yankees are playing each other, so we can't gain on both at once and if we lose we give up a game to one of them.

  • Better not luze den.

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