Saturday, June 6, 2009


  • Dey gived Hill hiz off day.

  • And it was a day game after a night game, so Barajas and Rolen both got off days, which made for a pretty punchless lineup even if Rios and Wells weren't slumping. Bautista batting second is just sad--his OBP against righties is 150 points higher than his slugging, which raises the question of why pitchers are afraid to throw him strikes when he hasn't demonstrated an ability to punish them for it.

  • It wuz strange dat John McDonald plade second insted of Inglett.

  • I guess they had to get him a start at some point, and he even got a hit. But why does Millar keep getting starts at DH? He's not hitting anyone great, but at least he's hitting lefties better than Overbay which makes him useful as a platoon partner. As an everyday DH he's terrible. I know Inglett's numbers so far haven't been great, but it's not like he's 37. We saw him play basically every day last year, so we know he's going to hit for average if not for power, and if you put him in left and move Lind to DH (where he's been great all year), you improve the defense too.

  • Lind's defense wuz fine today.

  • A bad bet is still bad if you win. It's reminding me of last year, where releasing Frank Thomas let Shannon Stewart and Matt Stairs play poorly every day.

  • I wuznt alive last yeer.

  • You didn't miss much. Be happy you don't know what Mencherson means.

  • So sins the bottom uv the order hit Hochevar, duz dat mean the top iz still slumping cuz dey cudnt, or dat he got better after giving up the homer to Chavez?

  • I think both could be true--the bottom of the order didn't do much after that either.

  • An Richmond had wun bad inning agen, but dis time dey didnt let him finish it.

  • They skipped his spot completely instead of just sliding everyone but Doc around a five day schedule with the off days, he pitched out of the bullpen once in that time, and they they run him out there expecting him to be sharp. I think it was just a bad idea all around. Maybe he was the fifth starter at the start of the season, but Tallet wasn't a starter at all and Janssen was on the DL and they got to keep their spots in the rotation.

  • Also lefteez hit Richmond hard and dere were a bunch in a row.

  • Sure, Teahen hit the homer, but it was only for two runs because the righty Guillen had singled. Bloomquist is a righty and he hit a three run triple. Didn't he only have one extra base hit all last year?

  • Like I sed--

  • It was rhetorical. Anyways, at least they have Doc pitching for the series win and to clinch the winning homestand, but the win against Greinke was a windfall and they gave it right back, and going 3 and 4 in the games in the homestand not started by Halladay is really bad.

  • Better'n losing nine inna row.

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