Thursday, June 4, 2009

Janssen in the Dark

  • Dat wun wuz bad in evry way.

  • Janssen couldn't get anything down and in or down and away consistently. Everything down was over the heart of the plate, and everything else was up, including most of his sliders.

  • But he gotz swingin strikez!

  • I think it's pretty telling about the Angels that they only managed one home run off Janssen.

  • At leest Camp wuz gud.

  • And Carlson's results were bad again, but it seemed like a lot of bad luck. A seeing eye grounder to the hole at shortstop, an error by Rolen, an RBI single that should have been a two outs bases empty single, and then he jams Bobby Abreu and it falls in for a classic Texas League double, gets touched by a fan so it's a ground rule double, and the ump rules the runner at first gets to score anyways. So he doesn't walk anybody and gives up solid contact to one guy and it's three runs.

  • Sum uv dem is unernd.

  • I think the better way to look at it is that with how bad the bats were, it didn't end up making a difference. Weaver was pitching to the corners, and when he did leave offspeed stuff up in the zone I guess it was when the Jays were expecting a fastball.

  • Hed bin tuff on raitees.

  • And yet Kevin Millar was in the lineup. Was it his two singles and a walk in 6 plate appearances that earned him that start? I thought we were supposed to have a left field platoon of Bautista and Inglett. Alternatively Inglett could have played second if Cito had decided Hill needed a day off. In the end all three of our hits off Weaver came from lefties, and it might have been four if Overbay had swung on the 3-1 fastball down the middle of the plate instead of taking it and drawing a walk. Wasn't not being agressive on those hittable pitches his problem last year that he was supposed to have fixed?

  • Yankeez lost, so deyr still only 2 back in the divijin.

  • And they have Tallet pitching for the series win, and he's been pretty consistent. I keep pointing out that the difference between .550 and .600 is one extra win every 20 games, so hopefully this one was part of the .400 instead of the .450.

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