Friday, June 5, 2009

And when he whiffs, he really shows you all he can

  • I fink Rios mite need a day off.

  • Frankly Hill and Scutaro could use one too. Hill personally killed every rally the Jays had, and Scutaro got a hanging slider on the first pitch with the bases loaded and he popped it up. But Rios's five strikeouts look really bad in the box score, and they looked even worse in action. I don't think strikeouts are that much worse than in play outs, but in Rios's case he was getting nothing but sliders and he couldn't lay off them or make contact with him.

  • It shur luks like ur conseeding to Greinke if yu give all 3 an off day agenst him.

  • If they can't hit anything anyways at this point then they'd be conceding to Greinke by leaving them in the lineup.

  • If only wun uv dem cud hav got wun hit den Lind wud hav hit wif a man on an de Jaze wud hav wun.

  • Well if one of them had got one hit when the bases were loaded (and they had a few chances), it would have driven in at least one run and then they wouldn't even have needed Lind to get a hit, but you can't assume that he would have got a hit if he had batted with men on just because he had five with the bases empty. It's the fallacy of the predetermined outcome. Lind's hits were a product of his circumstances. You can't change the circumstances and assume he still would have hit.

  • Well hopefly a day off iz enuff to get all dem hitting agen.

  • And hopefully the one Wells just got is enough too. It'll be a long night if there's no Scutaro, Hill, or Rios, and Wells still sucks.

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