Friday, June 12, 2009

The Bush Twins Want You Back

  • Jaze winned a rane shortind sereez in Texes.

  • Once again, from afar a series win looks great, but after winning the first two and having the rainout, it's a letdown not getting the sweep, especially with how well we pitched.

  • Izzat including Janssen?

  • Sure. I mean, yes he let the first two baserunners reach, but then he got a ground ball right at an infielder, another ground ball, and a strikeout. That should be 4 outs and no runs scored, not one out, two runs in, and second and third. And then the inherited runner that scored off Frasor was right at Hill too.

  • We sed dis abowt doze 4 infeeld singles dat uver start he made. Mebbe da grounders Janssen gives up iz harder hit dan Docs?

  • If so-called late movement takes the ball off the barrel of the bat, then I can believe that slightly less movement takes the ball slightly less off the barrel of the bat for a harder hit grounder, but I don't think that's what happened in Janssen's start.

  • It definitly wuznt wut hapend in Tallets start.

  • It was so good that it's hardly worth talking about. Two hits, seven innings, summer of Tallet.

  • An Lind hit three homed runs in 2 gamez. Wud have been nice if hed saved wun fur game 3.

  • If only it actually worked that way. Everyone except maybe Chavez had a chance to win this one for the Jays and none of them did.

  • An Ricky lukt like he did in hiz furst few starts.

  • That's two straight, right? So hopefully he's over that rough patch when he came off the DL.

  • Nex sereez is agenst teh tasty fish.

  • Doc against Nolasco in the retro unis.

  • Itz a waste of Doc to hav him pitch agenst somewun havin as bad a yeer as Nolasco.

  • Maybe, but I don't think you hold him back for a tougher matchup, because they might find out and hold Nolasco back too, and then you use Richmond this series instead of Tallet for no good reason.

  • Insted Richmond duznt pitch for ovur a week agen.

  • And I complained after his previous start that maybe that's why he wasn't effective.

  • If hez bad wunce evry 2 weex, is that better or wurse dan getting moar starts fur Doc?

  • Touché.

  • So, wez only havvin chatz affter evry sereez nao?

  • Maybe if something like a trade happens we can discuss it. Feel free to post between chats, though.

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