Saturday, May 30, 2009

All Bad Things Must Come To An End

  • OMG, Jaze finly winned!

  • If you're going to jump up excitedly you're going to have to let me trim your claws.

  • But the trimmer is scary... wait, Jaze winned! Iznt there betr stuff to talk about?

  • Really it's the same stuff we were talking about when they were losing. It's just that whether they did the thing or not is reversed. They got extra base hits. They got 2 out RBIs. The bullpen didn't give up 8 runs.

  • Dey didn't hit a homer.

  • Rios hit one that came close to going out to straightaway center field.

  • So did Ortiz.

  • Fair enough, although Ortiz's one was more of a fly ball than a line drive and the extra hang time gave Wells enough time to get under it.

  • If ur not upset about him almost giving up a gran slam in the furst, are u at least worried about the 11 hits Janssen gave up?

  • That included 4 ground ball singles. On average the BABIP on a ground ball is about .150, so there was some bad luck there. 7 real hits in 7 innings isn't too bad against a tough lineup. Obviously he could help himself out by striking out a few more guys. In 2006 as a starter he had 4.2K/9, and as a reliever in 2007 he had 4.8K/9, so we know he has it in him.

  • I gess winning fixs evrything.

  • Or does fixing everything cause winning? Sometimes you break a losing streak by lucking into a win, but everything that was a problem during the streak is still a problem after the streak, except for the stress of being on a streak. This time they got a decent start from an unheralded starter, scored some timely runs, and the bullpen locked it down, just like they were doing before the losing streak. That seems to me like a sign they can keep winning, instead of falling into another losing streak.

  • Dat means ize gonna be jumpin for joy moar offen when u come home.

  • And that means I'm gonna trim your claws right now.

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