Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not what we're accustomed to seeing

  • Jaze losed again.

  • *sigh*

  • Ize sorry. I wuznt trying to rub it in. Here, want to watch me play wif jingly ball? Ooh, jingly! *paw paw*

  • It's okay. It's just that the thing that was obviously wrong with the team during this losing streak finally got better, but something that was fine at the start was becoming a problem as it went on without really attracting any attention.

  • Iz easy to dismis bullpen making leads bigr when u can not has scoring anywaze.

  • Since they have an off day today it would be a good time to fix the problems in the pen.

  • Mite be moar problemz than dey can fix.

  • I hope not, but if you can fix most of the problems it's easier to hide the rest. The first thing is to lock in Downs, Frasor, and League as the late inning trio.

  • So evrywun else is expendabl?

  • There's roles that need to be played and they're not playing them. Out of Wolfe, Ryan, Camp, and Carlson, Wolfe and Carlson still have options, so if you're that worried about losing someone those are the two you send down first, but really, if you put Camp on waivers at this point, who are you worried about claiming him? Maybe the Nationals.

  • Who replacez dem?

  • Carlson is supposed to be our lefty specialist and he's given up a game losing homer and a game-tying homer to lefties in the past few weeks, plus yesterday's disaster which included a few lefties. Looking at the stats in the high minors, there's one reliever who's been good at getting out lefties, and it's Jeremy Accardo.

  • Yu want a right-handed LOOGY?

  • When he was closing in 2007 he was more effective against lefties than righties, probably because his splitter was better than his slider. He couldn't find the splitter last year, but it looks like he's got it back--or at least something that lefties can't hit. Also it makes him effective against switch hitters, because they'll probably bat left-handed against him without realizing they're making their odds worse.

  • Brett Cecil wuz a closer in college.

  • The Jays see him as a starter long-term, so moving him into short relief now would probably stunt his development, especially considering that they were overzealous in limiting his innings last year. If he's going to start for the Jays in 2010, he can't relieve in 2009 unless it's at the very end of the season. Besides, they sent him down too recently.

  • Wut about Wolfe?

  • He's supposed to be a righty specialist, but he hasn't been very good against them. The guy who stands out in AAA as being good against righties is Jonah Bayliss, who we apparently got from the Pirates last year and resigned as a minor league free agent. I certainly don't remember hearing either piece of news at the time.

  • How do you know he can do it for the Jaze?

  • My best argument is that the Pacific Coast League is a hitter's league, so if someone has success there they must have something.

  • So wut do u do wif Camp and Ryan?

  • Camp only pitches in blowouts--basically the job that Tallet used to have, although I'm not quite expecting Camp to do it as well. Ryan, I don't know. Lefties light him up, and righties light him up worse. The scouts say he sucks, and the stats say he sucks. He can't pitch multiple innings and you can't use him for one inning that matters. If the team needed the money this year or next I'd be talking to his agent about deferred money, but when his currrent contract ends is when some of the other contracts balloon and when they need money to extend Halladay. I don't think you release him jsut yet because the optics of that are really bad. Maybe he finds another fake injury you can put him on the DL with.

  • Wut r the odds of any of dis hapning?

  • We might hear rumblings today, but I figure the players get their off-day today and any transactions come before tomorrow's game. For the players coming from Vegas, they might put them on a plane today rather than having them arrive the day of the game.

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